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  1. Schumachers.

    I absolutely love these over on

    (Click the title)

  2. Conversion Live! - Ep 3



  3. The Motown Effect.

    This is a link to the documentary that my boyfriend directed for his major project.

    I worked on it as a camera op!

    Give it a watch!

    Click the title to go to the video.


    IT’S LIVE!

    Click the title to go to the website.

  5. Jesus, there are way too many songs to choose for this one.

    I’m going to choose at random and choooooooose…

    5 - A song that reminds you of someone.

    This song is the song that I always sing to my niece (my BFF!) who is 2 years old. Every time I get to ‘I’ve got the magic in…’ my niece sings ‘MEEEEEEE!’

    It’s incredibly adorable and it’s our little thing. I also miss her majorly when I’m away, so this post is just for her.

  6. I forgot to post yesterday, so I am posting days 3 & 4 together…

    3 - A song that makes you happy.

    This song reminds me of Sunday afternoons in the summer where I usually chill out in the garden with my friends, Magners in hand.

    4 - A song that makes you sad.

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this song. However, ever since a particular day a few years ago, this song has never failed to make me sad.

  7. 7 Bizarre Products for Dressing Up Your Genitals.

    In a time when everything from artificial tans to calf implants has become culturally acceptable, for some reason genitals usually get left out of the body-decoration process. The only real option until recently was choosing between carpet or hardwood floors.

    Not anymore! Now you have exciting options like …

    Read more:

  8. Conversion Live - Episode 2. Coming very soon!

    This month the show includes Bel Casino, Stop Go Sixty and James McVey.

  9. A lot of contenders for this one, but one song that I have always hated so much to the point that it makes my blood boil is this one:

  10. Hmm. I was so determined that I would not take part in this after so many of my friends on Facebook started, but after not being able to log on without seeing at least 5 friends posting about it every time (followed by a different 5 next time), I decided to give it a go.

    I decided I didn’t want to post it over Facebook though, so I decided to choose Tumblr.

    Here we go!

    Day 1 - Your Favourite Song.

    This one is easy. It’s been my favourite song since the first time I ever heard it when I was still a wee tweenager.

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